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What Supplemental Insurance Really Does

At Conquest Business Group, We Are Supplemental Insurance Experts

Nurse And Patient


Stop and think about this for a moment: what would happen if a member of your household were diagnosed with cancer, or suffered a heart attack or a serious injury and had to be hospitalized for days, weeks, or months? How many extra bills would pile up that you would struggle to pay?  What if your family relies on two incomes and one of those incomes suddenly vanished because that person was too sick to work, or had to quit their job take care of the sick family member?  Worse yet, what if you are a one-income household and the primary breadwinner is unable to work?  How long would it take before the money ran out?

Cigna Supplemental products provide you with financial peace of mind for the "what ifs" in life, because there will always be a need for extra protection when the unexpected happens.

While primary health insurance pays your benefits to the doctors and hospitals, Cigna Supplemental policies pay you and your family directly.  Your benefits are paid in addition to all other insurance you might have and are guaranteed renewable.

You can use your claim money however you see fit, whether it's managing high deductibles, paying for uncovered medical expenses, or replacing income lost from time off work.  In addition, your Cigna Supplemental policies can go wherever you do, even if you change jobs or relocate.

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"Having supplemental coverage gives me the piece of mind that I need, knowing if I get sick, I am safe from the very real possibility of financial devastation..."

Trisha Riley

Policy Holder

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