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Life Insurance

How much coverage is enough?  In the event of a tragedy, life insurance will help your family pay the bills, save your spouse from financial devastation, continue a family business, ensure the future educational needs for your children, and much more.  As you can see, buying life insurance may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Now is a great time to make sure your family is protected with enough coverage to provide for them when you are gone.

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Mortgage Protection

Do you have a plan to pay your mortgage in the event of your death?  If you die with a mortgage balance, with mortgage protection, any balance left on your loan will be paid.  Any heirs, such as your spouse or children, won’t have to worry about making future mortgage payments or losing the home.  Your coverage also moves with you if you buy a new home or move.  Don't lose your family's most valuable asset due to poor planning.

Supplemental Insurance

What would happen if you were diagnosed with cancer, or suffered a heart attack or a serious injury? Supplemental insurance policies can help you pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as copays and deductibles when serious illness or accident happens.  Supplemental policies pay benefits directly to you to help with everyday expenses such as utilities, groceries, and childcare.  Monthy premiums are more cost-effective than you may think, and often cost less than taking your family to the movies.  Get financial peace of mind for when the unexpected happens.

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Income Planning + Annuities

Are you concerned with market volatility? Annuities are a little known secret to keep your money safe during market corrections.  There are a variety of attractive features of annuities including, tax deferrals on investment earnings, protection from creditors, an array of investment options including "floors", tax-free transfers among investment options, lifetime income, and benefits to your heirs.

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